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Denver International Airport Conspiracy Theories

Rumors have been swirling around for years that the Denver International Airport (DIA) is full of strange, unexplained post-apocalyptic paraphernalia.

I’ve looked into these theories and even seen many of the “symbols” at the airport myself. Now, I am ranking the conspiracy theories from most ludicrous (#1) to, “okay, something fishy is going on here.” (#6)

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Aliens under the baggage transport tunnels

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The mysterious underground tunnels made DIA construction workers suspicious because they claim that the tunnels were created without purpose. Then, to fuel their suspicions, alien drawings have been spotted on the walls of the “secret bunkers.” Blurry photos of “lizard people” have also been taken underground the airport.

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Supporting facts

  1. Construction workers claimed that the multi-million dollar baggage system originally didn’t work, which fueled their doubts about the intent and scale of the construction.
  2. Photos of lizard people (a.k.a. Reptoids) have been taken underground.
  3. Airport staff claims that it would take 3 days to tour all of what lies beneath the baggage transport tunnels, but no one has taken a comprehensive tour of the “secret bunkers.”
  4. When asked if the lizard people were actually shapeshifters who turned into airport workers, an airport official said, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Arguments against

  1. Airport workers have reportedly worn lizard masks while underground to prank the media. The footage was caught on camera by Fox31 KDVR-Denver and has since been on many conspiracy sites.
  2. There are many graffitied images in the underground tunnels including smiley faces and hand-drawn aliens.
  3. Thousands of workers journey through the tunnels everyday, transporting luggage and materials.

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Underground tunnels linking DIA to the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station

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Some conspiracists claim that there are underground tunnels linking DIA to Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, which is 90 miles away. Many believe that these tunnels are meant to house world leaders in an apocalypse.

Supporting facts

  1. There are tunnels beneath the airport.
  2. The construction of the airport took 16 months longer than planned.
  3. The project went over budget by millions of dollars.

Arguments against

  1. The “underground tunnels” later became home to the airport’s rail system and luggage transportation.
  2. The world’s longest underground tunnel, the Swiss Alps-traversing Gotthard Base Tunnel, is less than half of the length of the theorized tunnel and took more than a decade to construct.
  3. Plumbing and electric end at the underground level, making it unlikely that there are any additional infrastructures below the tunnels.

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The New World Airport Commission and the funding of the airport construction

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When the airport was built, a time capsule was stamped with a bunch of letters and symbols including the New World Airport Commission. Many have said that this organization doesn’t exist, so it must be referencing the New World Order, a government organization said to rule humanity after an apocalyptic event.

Supporting Facts

  1. Secrets of the Illuminati and the New World Order are said the be hidden within the time capsule, but no one will be able to prove until the capsule is opened.
  2. There are strange markings on the capsule as well as around the entire airport that suggest secret languages and aliens.

Arguments against

  1. The New World Airport Commission did exist when the capsule was stamped back in 1994. This organization helped with airport opening events.
  2. We do have some idea of what is in the time capsule. The capsule, to be opened in 2094, contains coins, a signed baseball, the mayor’s sneakers and casino tokens.

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Au Ag, the potentially potent weapon in biological warfare

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One of the tiles in the airport (located in front of one of the many murals) has a mining cart etched into it with the four letters “Au Ag.” One of the founders of the airport discovered a deadly strain of hepatitis called AUAG. This strain, also known as Australia Antigen, could be a weapon in biological warfare. This only looks more suspicious in front of a mural that also suggests biological warfare.

Supporting Facts

  1. One of the airport founders did indeed discover this new deadly strain called AUAG.
  2. The “biological warfare” mural features a quote from a child at Auschwitz Concentration Camp, which is an odd choice for a quote in an airport.

Arguments against

  1. “Au Ag” typically represents gold and silver, which would likely be a reference to the gold rush which built up the Denver area.

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The Swastika shaped runways

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Conspiracy theorists claim that from space, DIA looks like a giant swastika – an image that is associated with the Nazi party, responsible for eradicating millions for their religious beliefs.

Supporting Facts

  1. There is no denying that the runways at DIA resemble that of a swastika when viewed from the sky.
  2. Some have said that the swastika means good fortune and well-being and that it only has negative connotations because of Adolf Hitler’s use of the symbol. While this doesn’t mean that DIA was purposefully modeled after the swastika, it can be argued that the designers did not think about the representation of a Neo-Nazi takeover.

Arguments against

  1. It has been said that the airport was designed with a windmill in mind.
  2. Airport officials say the design is efficient for bringing in busy traffic because the planes can approach from many angles.


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Apocalyptic art

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There are 40 pieces of art created by Leo Tanguma at DIA. Conspiracy theorists say that the murals throughout the airport point to Nazis or fascists. There are also several gargoyles seen popping out of luggage sculptures, which theorists find unsettling. Then there’s the Mustang sculpture, located near Peña Boulevard, which is interpreted as a reference to the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Supporting facts

  1. The murals feature images of people in anguish, being overpowered by a masked soldier. Quotes from children at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp are tied into the pieces.
  2. The 32-foot, 9,000-pound Mustang sculpture fell on and killed its creator, Luis Jiménez.

Arguments against

  1. The artist claims that the pieces, when viewed in sequence, tell a hopeful story of peace and environmental stewardship following times of war and pollution.
  2. The Mustang, which fell on its creator, has glowing red eyes as an homage to the sculpture who loved to work with neon signs.
  3. The gargoyle is a longtime symbol of protection against evil spirits. The image of the gargoyle popping out of luggage is supposed to be a well-wish for safe travel.


Question #1: Do you believe any of the conspiracy theories of the Denver International Airport?

Question #2: If the New World Order, Illuminati, government and Neo-Nazis wanted to create a top secret underground bunker, where they could live as Reptoids and shapeshift into humans, why would they jeopardize all of their secret plots by putting clues in plain sight?

Question #3: Could you read the second question without laughing?


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