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Cheba Hut Review, Denver

First, let’s get something out of the way, I am not paid to promote Cheba Hut, but at this point I might as well be.

I have been going to Cheba Hut for over 10 years. I have brought my parents to Cheba Hut, I have brought my in-laws to Cheba Hut, and I have introduced over 30 friends to Cheba Hut. EVERYONE LOVES CHEBA HUT.

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When I brought my dad he said, “Is that a pot leaf in the logo?”

Yes, the entire shop is 420 friendly and it absolutely supports the use of marijuana but apart from the stoner decor and marijuana themed sandwich names, this place is just like any other sub shop.

The difference is….


Cheba Hut White Widow

A few of my personal favorites are the White Widow (pictured above), the Dank (pizza sub), Jamaican Red (spicy chicken), and The Kind (turkey, swiss, bacon, mushroom). See their full menu here.

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When ordering, it’s easiest to say the size, the name, then the bread type. For example:

Cheba Hut cup

“I’ll have the 8″ White Widow on garlic herb.” Then, they’ll ask you about your toppings. “Load it up, let’s get toasted!” I always say.

Just kidding. I say hold the onions. I’m not good at pot-related rumor.


Next time you’re in Colorado. Be sure to stop by Cheba Hut in Boulder, Denver, Dillon, Longmont, Fort Collins or Greeley. They also have locations in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon and Wisconsin. See a list of all of their locations here.

Have you ever been to Cheba Hut? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Cheba Hut, the Best Toasted Sub Shop in Colorado

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