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A Guide To Lakeside Amusement Park

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. If you’re like me, you are trying to squeeze in as much activity as possible during these last few weeks of warm, summer nights.

One of my favorite summer evening activities is a trip to Lakeside Amusement Park. Located near Lakewood, Colorado, Lakeside Amusement Park has been open for over a century. The old-school charm keeps this place unique and the while there have been offers to invest in this place to fix it up, owner Rhoda Krasner intends to leave the park as it is to hold on to it’s authenticity.

The lack of park upgrades leave residents hesitant to attend. As an avid Lakeside Amusement Park fan, I am here to guide you through a trip to the park and tell you what to ride, and what to avoid.

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Lakeside Amusement Park

When to go

The best time to go is Friday night after 7:00 p.m. At this point all of the rides are running (the big rides don’t usually run during the day). Fridays are $9 cheaper ($7 cheaper for kids) than Saturdays and Sundays.

Lakeside Denver Colorado

Where to park

Don’t bother trying to park outside of the Lakeside parking lot. Most shops around the park will tow your car if they see you get out and head towards the amusement park. Instead, be prepared to pay $4 per person for the “gate admission” which is really just their way of getting you to pay for parking.

Lakeside Denver


What to bring

There aren’t any lockers at Lakeside so plan on bringing your items with you wherever you go. I try to carry as little as possible. I’d avoid holding cell phones, loose change, etc. in your pockets as many of the rides spin you upside-down. I had an unfortunate incident of quarters, dimes and nickels hitting me in the face in the twirling Ferris Wheel ride.

Feel free to bring picnic supplies. There are plenty of benches and covered tables and Lakeside has no problem with people bringing in outside food/drink.

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What to ride

The wooden Cyclone Coaster is the best ride at Lakeside, by far. This is the only true, large roller coaster in the park. The line is fairly long (approximately 10 minutes) but compared to major amusement parks it’s minimal. Avoid the Wild Chipmunk at all costs. The Wild Chipmunk has left me bruised and sore one too many times. The carts don’t have seat belts, leaving small people to be jerked from side to side and large people to be crammed with immense pressure on their knees and elbows. The ride is definitely wild, giving many the feeling of whiplash. The Labyrinthe Crystal Palace (below) is great and almost never has a line. I recommend going when it’s completely dark outside, otherwise you can pretty easily tell which walls are glass. There are 23 adult rides and 14 kiddie rides in the park.

Lakeside Labyrinthe


Still not sure if you want to visit Lakeside Amusement Park? Follow the infographic below to see if you should opt for a day at the popular Six Flags Elitch Gardens instead.

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Solving your traveling dilemmas,


Should I go to Lakeside or Six Flags

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