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A Guide To The 16th Street Mall In Denver

If you plan on visiting Denver, you are bound to end up on the 16th Street Mall. The Mall is packed with restaurants, shopping and live entertainment. Here is a quick guide on what to expect.

The free 16th Street MallRide in Denver

The MallRide travels from one end of the mile-long 16th Street Mall to the other, seven days a week, between 4:59 a.m.-1:21 a.m. on weekdays, 5:30 a.m. – 1:21 a.m. on Saturdays and 6:30 a.m.-1:21 a.m. on Sundays. The MallRide stops on each block between Chestnut Place and Broadway. At each stop, passengers are welcome to hop on and off of the MallRide as they please, free of charge. The buses run frequently, every few minutes. See below for the MallRide map.

Coming soon! – The MallRide buses are getting a face lift! The old vehicles are being replaced with new electric buses that have more seating and air-conditioning.

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Denver Pavilions

Shopping and Restaurants on the 16th Street Mall

There are tons of shops and restaurants along the 16th Street Mall. Even though it’s a chain restaurant (I try to avoid recommending restaurants that can be found elsewhere), I highly recommend Rock Bottom. Order the top sirloin with bourbon glaze, Gorgonzola cheese crumbles and crispy onion straws. You won’t regret it! The stores are spread out along the mall, but there is a concentration of great shops and a movie theatre on Glenarm Place in the Denver Pavilions (pictured above).

16th street mall

Horse-drawn Carriage Rides on the 16th Street Mall

While I consider this one of the biggest tourist traps of the area, some love the experience of riding a horse-drawn carriage through the city (especially young girls, see below). If this is something you are interested in, aim to take a ride in the evening with the glow of the city lights – it makes it all the more magical.

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16th street mall Denver

Family Friendly Activities on the 16th Street Mall

In the past, there has been crime along the 16th Street Mall. Thankfully, the Mall has made some improvements including increased police presence, events geared towards young families and around-the-clock cleaning crews maintaining the streets and sidewalks. Now, you will even see small sandboxes and interactive art exhibits that encourage young children to play and explore the Mall with their parents.

Denver Colorado

It seems as though the 16th Street Mall is becoming busier as the population in Denver increases. There are more concerts and events taking place here than ever before. I recommend taking a bus or light-rail into Denver if you want to avoid the traffic and parking. Otherwise, street parking, parking lots and parking garages are available averaging $8 for a couple of hours. Another word of caution: keep an eye on the Rockies schedule, with the baseball park just a few blocks away the 16th Street Mall restaurants and bars are often packed before and after a game.

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  1. […] One of my favorite things about downtown Denver is the free 16th Street MallRide. This hybrid vehicle drives up and down 16th Street and breaks at each intersection, allowing passengers to hop on and off with ease. A new MallRide arrives at each stop every few minutes. 16th Street Mall is a great hub for all of your needs with several restaurants, hotels, shops, movie theaters and more. Plus, you can get to just about anywhere in Denver from the 16th Street Mall, as many light rail and bus stations are conveniently located off of one of the stops. To view the free MallRide map, click here. Also, check out my Guide To The 16th Street Mall In Denver. […]

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