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Where To See Wildlife Near Denver, Colorado

Here’s to random, spontaneous trips. 

I’m normally a very organized, scheduled, type “A” person. I don’t do last minute. If you tell me I have 30 minutes to get ready for an activity I didn’t mentally prepare for I turn into a basket case.

So when my husband said, “We’re going to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, grab your camera,” I grinned and replied, “Excuse me, do what now?”

We had been inside all weekend. I was in a funk. It was a gorgeous 75 degree fall day and we had to get off of the couch.

So, fine. Let’s go for a drive.

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Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is just 20 minutes northeast of downtown Denver and is home to over 330 species of wildlife including bison, bald eagles, deer, coyotes and more.

I’ve lived in Colorado my entire life and never knew this place existed, and by the looks of the traffic here, I don’t think many other Coloradans know about it, either.

Colorado wildlife drive

The Wildlife Drive is 11 miles long and took us about 30 minutes to complete. We saw deer, bison and about 3.7 million prairie dogs.Colorado Hikes.jpg

Rocky Mountain ArsenalDeer in Denver

What impressed me the most about the Rocky Mountain Arsenal is how close it was to the city. Plus, it’s FREE!

Wildlife near DenverRocky Mountain wildlifeWe weren’t able to get very close, hence the itty-bitty animal pictures. You are asked to stay in your vehicle at all times while on the Wildlife Drive and I am a rule follower.

As far as free activities near Denver go, this is a pretty sweet one.


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Where to see wildlife near Denver Colorado


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