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16 Cold Weather Hacks To Make Winter More Bearable

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Due to the variation in elevations across Colorado, it snows nearly every month (except maybe August). Most major cities (Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs), may see their first snow as early as September and as late as May.

When I was in fifth grade, I broke my wrist during spring break while rollerblading. The weather was great – maybe mid 70s and sunny. The following week we had a blizzard….the worst I’ve ever seen. Four feet of snow and blowing winds. The city shut down for a week. That’s how quickly the conditions can change in Colorado and why it is crucial to be prepared at all times. Before heading out, dial 511 for road conditions in Colorado.

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Beauty Hacks

Dry snow takes a toll on the skin and it can be difficult to remain fashionable in sub-zero temperatures. Here are a few cold weather beauty hacks to keep you looking cute during cold snaps:

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Car Hacks

I recommend purchasing a de-icing spray and spraying your car windows down before going to bed on especially cold winter nights. My dad often places a plastic tarp over his front windshield, alternatively. With that method you still need to scrape the other windows, but the front windshield is arguably the hardest part.

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House Hacks

Never underestimate the power of a warm blanket. Also, keep socks on at all times. Your body will stay much warmer if your feet are covered. In our house, we refuse to turn up the heat if one of us is not wearing socks/long pants/a sweater. We only turn on the heat if we’re bundled up and still miserable.

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Winters are tough. Invest in a good jacket, keep your house well insulated and work smarter, not harder. Remember, winter isn’t all bad. Get out and have some fun in the snow!

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