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Don’t Let Trip Advisor Ruin Your Vacation

According to Trip Advisor, the top 10 “things to do” in Denver are:

  1. Denver Botanic Gardens
  2. Mount Evans
  3. Coors Field
  4. Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  5. Denver Art Museum
  6. Mount Evans Scenic Byway
  7. Denver Zoo
  8. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Tour
  9. Union Station
  10. Sports Authority Field at Mile High

The problem with this list is that two of the items are professional sports stadiums, two are museums, and two are literally the same mountain. That leaves the botanic gardens, the zoo, a whiskey tour and a train station. The Denver Zoo isn’t an especially impressive zoo, by the way. It isn’t even the best zoo in Colorado (Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs is).

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My point is that if you follow Trip Advisor for your traveling advice, you are going to end up missing a lot of what Colorado has to offer. Instead, consider getting travel tips in the following ways:

  1. Ask your friends and family if they have been to your travel destination and gather opinions from people you trust
  2. Google blogs written by people who live in the area, they will offer a local perspective and can be emailed if you have questions about the area
  3. Search for your destination on Pinterest where you will be able to search for attractions by photo which is great during the initial “dreaming” stage of travel (read my post about the 5 stages of travel here)
  4. Look up the town you are traveling to on, a cool website dedicated to hidden attractions across the world
  5. Do some good old-fashioned research and grab a few travel books from the library

If you insist on visiting Trip Advisor, Yelp, or other ratings-driven websites, I recommend focusing on the comments, rather than the overall ratings. It can be extremely helpful reading reviews written by people who gave something 3 stars. These tend to be the most honest ratings with both pros and cons considered.

What is your first step when researching a new travel destination? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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0 thoughts on “Don’t Let Trip Advisor Ruin Your Vacation

  1. Heheh…we are active contributors to Tripadvisor. However we never use it to look up where and what to see/do/eat. We look it up for specific reviews of places we have decided on our own, either through blogs, guides or simply our own bucket list. Trip advisor should have stayed as it was – a place for original and real reviews by folks who traveled to/stayed or dined at a location. Pity it is now a travel business!

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