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Where Should You Go For Happy Hour In Denver?

Are you stuck in a happy hour rut, going to the same spot, month after month? It’s time to go somewhere that actually fits your personality and has drink specials tailored to your taste.

Answer the 5 questions below, keeping track of how many A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s you chose. Then, see below to discover your ‘happy hour type.’ Each type has suggested happy hour spots in the Denver Metro Area.

Share with your friends and discover if they are a “Derrick,” “Erin,” “Michael,” “Helen” or “Jerry.”

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I myself am a Helen, and proud of it. 

What is your go-to drink if you’re out for happy hour?

A. Classic mixed Drinks (gin and tonic, rum and coke)

B. Beer, mixed drinks, cocktails (you aren’t picky)

C. Beer

D. Cocktails

What type of bar do you like to go to for happy hour?

A. Anywhere with live music

B. Anywhere with a great patio and a bonfire

C. Anywhere with a variety of beers on draft

D. Anywhere with great views of the city or mountains

When you go out for a happy hour, what is your usual goal?

A. Hear some good music

B. Catch up with old friends

C. Play some games (cornhole, billiards, arcade games)

D. Relax and unwind

Which of these settings sounds the most appealing to you?

A. Small dive bar with a live band playing

B. Neighborhood bar with a bonfire

C. A local brewery

D. A lounge bar with a great view

Which of these settings sounds the least appealing to you?

A. The recently opened bar, the one that’s always packed

B. The sleek lounge bar on the top floor of the ultra swanky hotel

C. The quiet wine bar with a strict dress code

D. The sports bar, where the college students go for beer pong tournaments


Copy of Copy of Copy of ErinIf you picked mostly A’s you are a Derrick

As a Derrick, you look for the well drink specials. Rum and coke, gin and tonic, you enjoy the classics. You like your bars like you like your drinks: timeless. You aren’t looking for a trendy happy hour spot where all of the locals are hanging out. You are more interested in a small dive bar with karaoke or a piano bar with live music. Your ideal night consists of strong drinks, good music and great company.

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The perfect Denver happy hours for a Derrick: 


ErinIf you picked mostly B’s you are an Erin

If you’re an Erin, you enjoy a cold beer when you are looking to unwind from a stressful day of work. If it’s up to you to pick the happy hour spot, you are going to select a place with a lot of character, somewhere your friends will be talking about for months. You wouldn’t be caught dead in a quiet lounge bar. Your scene is a neighborhood bar with a great patio and a bonfire, a perfect place for catching up with old friends.

The perfect Denver happy hours for an Erin: 


MichaelIf you picked mostly C’s you are a Michael

If you’re a Michael, you’re all about the beer. The more variety, the better. You are likely to suggest a brewery with a nice selection of drafts and equally amazing snacks, because let’s face it, nothing goes better with beer than chips and queso. An upscale wine bar is the last place you’d want to be after work. Instead, you want to be where the party is at. Arcade bars, college bars, as long as there is cornhole, a billiards table or a beer pong table you’re all set.

The perfect Denver happy hours for a Michael: 


Copy of Copy of ErinIf you picked mostly D’s you are a Helen

As a Helen, you go for the fun cocktails. After all, the best alcohol is the kind that doesn’t taste like alcohol! You prefer to sip your blackberry mojito in a modern bar that overlooks the city or the beautiful Rocky Mountains. When it comes to happy hour, you’d rather stay far away from the breweries, sports bars, and frat boys. The amount of beers a bar has on tap doesn’t interest you at all. What does catch your eye is a bar with tasty drinks, comfortable seating and breathtaking views.

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The perfect Denver happy hours for a Helen: 


Copy of ErinIf you are torn between decisions, or selected A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s, you are a Jerry

If you are a Jerry, you are the easiest going of all of your friends. You don’t care about the location of happy hour as long as you’re surrounded by good people who are ready to have a good time. Your goal is to let loose and get rid of stress, so as long as the bar has good drink specials and a nice atmosphere, you’re happy. When it comes to drinks, you are willing to try just about anything once.

The perfect Denver happy hours for a Jerry: 

What were your results? Let me know if the comments below.

What is Your Happy Hour Type-

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