3 days visiting Santa Fe, Taos and the Great Sand Dunes


We had a busy Memorial Day Weekend exploring northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado! We visit Santa Fe at least once a year and it never gets old. Taos and the Great Sand Dunes were new to us, but we are already planning on visiting again!

Heads up: If you do all of this in 3 days, you are going to need a vacation after your vacation to recharge. We’ve been back in town for almost a week and I’m still exhausted (but it was totally worth it)!

Santa Fe Plaza

Santa Fe, New Mexico


The Santa Fe Plaza is a great place to shop. Be sure to check out the Native American artists selling handmade jewelry and other knick-knacks on the sidewalk outside of Palace of the Governors. When looking for a restaurant, you can almost never go wrong with a patio. The Pink Adobe, Coyote Cafe and Rooftop Pizzeria are all excellent. Browse in and out of art galleries and marvel at the beautiful pottery.


Meow Wolf

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Best described as an art instillation playground for all ages, Meow Wolf is unlike any “museum” you have ever seen. Enter a house full of clues that things are not what they seem and slip through the fireplace, the refrigerator, closets and more into a mysterious world full of neon lights, odd instruments and hidden passageways. You can spend upwards of 4 hours getting lost in here. To see more photos of Meow Wolf, click here.

Taos Plaza

Taos, New Mexico


The Taos Plaza is similar to the Santa Fe Plaza, with adorable boutiques, unique art galleries and incredible restaurants. Venture north to John Dunn Way and Bent Street for an overload of adorable shops.


Taos Pueblo

Taos, New Mexico


The Taos Pueblo was likely constructed between 1000 and 1450 A.D. The site consists of two buildings called Hlauuma (north house) and Hlaukwima (south house), which are considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the USA. Photography of the inhabitants is forbidden, but their story can be seen through the doors of their homes; The homes that have been passed down for generations.  To see more photos of Taos Pueblo, click here.


Earthship Biotecture

El Prado, New Mexico


The Earthship Biotecture Visitors Center is a glimpse into the world of off-the-grid, totally sustainable living. Earthships are created using recycled materials, passive solar architecture, thermal mass construction, renewable energy and integrated water systems that include indoor food growing. These are real homes with real people, so the guided tour is more of an informational slideshow.


Great Sand Dunes National Park

Mosca, Colorado


Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is home to the tallest dunes in North America. Activities include playing in Medano Creek, sand sledding and hiking. Bring plenty of water and sleds and be prepared to play in the biggest sand box ever. To see more photos of Great Sand Dunes National Park, click here.

Have you been to any of this attractions? Do you have other tips for places to visit in New Mexico or southern Colorado? Leave a comment below.

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3 days visiting Santa Fe, Taos and the Great Sand Dunes