Inside Meow Wolf, Santa Fe’s hottest new attraction

Santa Fe is one of my favorite weekend getaways. Just 5 hours south of Denver, Santa Fe is a quick and easy road trip filled with adventure and excitement!

On our most recent trip, we stopped by Meow Wolf, the hottest new attraction.

It’s hard to explain what Meow Wolf is…I guess it’s a museum/jungle gym/art installation? It’s a magical world inside of a house inside of a warehouse on the side of a road…in Santa Fe.

Ya know what? Just check out the photos. It was so rad.

DSC_0286The House of Eternal Return insideMeow Wolf bathroomMeow Wolf fireplaceMeow Wolf dinosaurMeow Wolf neonDSC_0143Meow Wolf treehouseMeow Wolf ceilingMeow Wolf colorsMeow Wolf dancersMeow Wolf roomMeow Wolf lightsMeow Wolf laundry roomMeow Wolf Santa FeNew Mexico MeowNew Mexico Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf is an exploration into the minds of over 100 local artists. Begin in a house with clues that suggest paranormal things are happening and dive into a magical world via the fireplace, washing machine, refrigerator and more. This psychedelic jungle gym is entertaining to people of all ages and you can easily spend 4 hours get lost in the various secret passageways.

Meow Wolf is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is open every day except for Tuesday, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (and until 10:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday).

Inside Meow Wolf, Santa Fe's hottest new attraction

MEOW WOLF (2).png