Little Man Ice Cream: is it worth the 30 minute line?

Wait for a cone at Little Man Ice Cream in the LoHi District of Denver and you’ll hear countless people say, “Oh my gosh, is this the line!?” as they arrive.

The line wraps around the corner and up the street at all hours of the day. Little Man Ice Cream is ALWAYS busy.

But is it worth it?

Little Man Ice Cream

At any given time Little Man Ice Cream features 8-12 ice cream flavors. They’re super eclectic and change frequently. What you enjoyed last weekend may not be on the menu this weekend.

The ice cream is great, but I recently found out that their ice cream isn’t exclusively sold at their shop.

So what’s all the hype about?

Little Man Ice Cream Denver

The building is pretty eye-catching. A giant milk jug under the popular Linger restaurant is bound to get some attention. Plus, they have a killer view of downtown.

Still, what’s all the hype? Why would anyone wait 30 minutes for ice cream?

Little Man Ice Cream Denver Colorado

My theory: This place feels like summer.

On Saturday night a live band was playing on the small patio. People of all ages jumped onto the dance floor and practiced their hand at swing dancing.

The crowd was beaming. Even bystanders stopped to watch and sway to the music.

Little Man

People are looking for these rare moments of pure happiness. No distractions, no cell phones, just an ice cream cone and some fun.  That’s what summer is all about.

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I recommend going to Little Man Ice Cream at least once while you are in Denver. If the line is a concern for you, they also have a speedy line with fewer flavors.

Solving your traveling dilemmas,


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Little Man Ice Cream line