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A Guide To South Broadway, Denver

Located in Denver, Colorado, South Broadway is 18 blocks of antique shops, neighborhood taverns, great restaurants, adorable boutiques, live music venues and bookstores. It’s about 4 miles south of downtown Denver, giving it just enough breathing room to make for easier parking while remaining close enough to all of the action of the city.

There’s something for everyone on South Broadway, making it the perfect spot for bar hopping, antiquing, brunching or shopping.

South Broadway Coffee & Tea

Did you know that tea is the second most consumed drink after water? Platform T is a quant shop that focuses first on tea, and then on coffee. The place smells amazing and is a fun twist on hanging out at a coffee shop.

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Platform T

Mutiny Information Cafe has a little bit of everything. They sell coffee, comic books, records, and offer a seating area to relax and play pinball. This place is a must see on South Broadway.

Mutiny Cafe

South Broadway Bars

One of my favorite restaurants/bars on South Broadway is Historians Ale House because of their incredible rooftop patio. It’s hard to find a good rooftop patio in Denver that offers excellent food and beer with great views. This place has it all.

Insider tip: Pay close attention to the brick design inside of the white squares in the photo below. You may see a controversial symbol.

Historians Ale House

If you’re looking for a dive bar with live music, look no further than Hi-Dive. It’s refreshing to stop here for a no-frills, genuine dive bar experience.

Hi Dive South Broadway

The Irish Rover has long been one of my go-to spots for large groups, I even recommended it in my blog, What is Your Happy Hour Type? Take the Quiz. This place has large tables, great drink specials and is perfect for the beginning of the night when all of your friends are first getting together.

The Irish Rover

A well known place to order a punch bowl on South Broadway is Punch Bowl Social, but I chose not include it on this list because it’s kind of a given that you’ll stumble across it at some point during your South Broadway excursion. Instead, I wanted to feature Adrift, a small tiki-bar with fun decor and a sweet patio. This is a great place for small groups.

Money saving tip: Order a punch bowl and split it with a group of 4, you won’t need another drink for the rest of the night.


South Broadway Boutiques

It’s tricky to find a boutique that offers quality clothing under $50 a piece. Thankfully, the owner of Starlet had a mission to offer affordable clothing to all. This shop is filled to the brim with cute jewelry, hats, dresses, tops and more.

Starlet South Broadway

Sewn is another wonderful boutique. They’re unique because they offer handmade, one-of-a-kind items. I love stopping here when I need to buy a gift because you know you won’t be giving them something they already have.

Sewn South Broadway

South Broadway Restaurants

The Denver Biscuit Company is so good, it made my list of the Best Brunch in Denver. One mention of this place and my husband begins salivating. Order their cinnamon roll and prepare for a deep, food-induced coma.

Denver Biscuit Company South Broadway

I wish that I had photos of the inside of Beatrice and Woodsley because this may be the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been in. This is where my husband and I had our wedding rehearsal dinner. I recommend getting a reservation for brunch. You won’t regret it!

Beatrice and Woodsley South Broadway

Four words: Green. Tea. Ice. Cream. Order it, enjoy it, and kiss vanilla ice cream goodbye. Sweet Action Ice Cream is incredible and it has this adorable little bar top overlooking the street – great for people-watching!

Sweet Action Ice Cream

South Broadway is packed with fun shops. This is the place to bring friends from out of state if you’re trying to show them some of the best shopping and dining that Denver has to offer.

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