Denver neighborhoods cheat sheet

Denver is growing rapidly. From July 2014 to July 2015, nearly 100,000 people moved to Colorado. Then, the following year Colorado gained another 91,000 inhabitants. The once quiet Denver suburbs are now booming with personality and charm, each embracing their own unique culture.

Here is a guide to Denver neighborhoods, including reputation and average home cost.

Capitol Hill


If you’re artsy, you’re gonna love it here. Capitol Hill is the place to go to get your museum fix. Plus, it has more than 50 galleries, fine-art studios and live music venues. In the past, Capitol Hill had a bad reputation for drugs and crime. Now, it’s a highly desired area to live and the crime rates have dropped significantly. Average Home Cost: $637,000.


Cheesman Park


The mansions in this neighborhood have been turned into multi-unit apartment buildings, making it an ideal spot for renters (talk about curb appeal). Cheesman Park used to be a cemetery. Then, the city ordered the families to take their deceased elsewhere. Denver, do you want restless spirits? Because that’s how you get restless spirits. Hashtag haunted. Average Home Cost: $695,000.

Cherry Creek


With over 160 high-end stores, Cherry Creek is the obvious place to go shopping, but it’s far more than just a pretty mall. With hip restaurants, beautiful homes and expansive golf courses, Cherry Creek is the place where socialites love to live. Unfortunately, this lavish lifestyle comes at a high price. Average Home Cost: $1,234,000.

City Park

10153789604_7591b399f5_oThis is the neighborhood for young families. They value well-respected schools and grocery stores within walking distance. This area is heavily populated by families that look like they should be on the cover of L.L.Bean. These aren’t just the regular moms, they’re the hot moms. Average Home Cost: $495,000.

Downtown LoDo


When you’re not having a beer by the pool or hitting the gym, you’re our at the bars meeting Denver’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. You sleep in everyday because 1. You don’t have kids 2. You are a five minute walk from your job in downtown Denver. If you live in LoDo, you’re living the single, young professionals’ dream. Average Home Cost: $479,000.

Five Points

6780674277_00c5e1dba7_o“…and then the homeless guy stole my cat.” A real quote from a friend who used to live in Five Points. It’s not that this neighborhood is dangerous, it’s just an unspoken rule that what’s yours in mine and what’s mine is ours. On the plus side, it’s an old, diverse neighborhood full of jazz clubs, art galleries, breweries and soul food. Just don’t get too attached to your cat…or car radio. Average Home Cost: $449,000.


You can’t live in LoHi and not be attractive. Ugly people actually move to LoHi, step out of their moving truck and are magically more attractive. This place is hip, trendy, and has some of the coolest bars and restaurants in the city. It’s also on a hill, which makes parking in the winter kind of a bitch. Average Home Cost: $516,000.



It’s not really Denver, but don’t tell its residents that. On the plus side, they don’t have nearly the traffic that Denver has. Lowry is an old Air Force Base so it has a lot of historical charm. The town center is starting to blossom, drawing in young professionals and families alike. Average Home Cost: $676,000.



Stapleton was once the location of the old Colorado airport. When DIA was built, a suburb was put in its place, hence the super new houses and young families. This place is quintessential suburbia. What else is there to say…they have a lot of nice parks? Average Home Cost: $516,000.



3189213858_c479037860_oSo you just graduated from college and your parents say they’ll buy you your first place. Where do you go? Uptown. This place smells like weed, booze and student loans. It’s also super close to downtown and has some excellent restaurants. Go figure. Average Home Cost: $553,00.


Wash Park

20073898205_de8e4566d9_oWhen they say that Colorado is in shape, they’re talking about the people who live in Wash Park. With tons of outdoors space, locals can be found riding bikes, walking dogs, jogging and doing yoga in the park. It’s a coveted area to live, driving up the housing prices. Average Home Cost: $853,000.



Denver is a beautiful place to live. You really can’t go wrong with any of the neighborhoods. I currently live in Lowry, but dream of living in Cherry Creek or LoHi.

Where could you see yourself living in Denver?

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