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Together By Land, Together By Sea

Bon voyage! 20375953_10155669869744175_8270461117960660334_n

I married into a cool family. My in-laws, Dwight and Jana, have always had a passion for adventure. Their love story is intertwined with tales of sailing, living on boats and making precious memories at sea.

21232085_10207646627964090_4850829069055081492_nDwight and Jana have always dreamed of living at sea. Half the year on land, traveling America and visiting their children, half the year on sea, seeing the world over the helm. Now, they’re making that dream a reality.

Jana recently said, “Emma inspired me. I absolutely love reading her blogs!”

I inspired YOU!? Jana…you are traveling the world by boat with the love of your life. You, my dear mother-in-law, inspire us all.

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You can follow their journey on True North Adventures. Read their first post below.

The Mad Dash!

09 October 2017 | Newport Beach, CA

“18 days and counting.
We’ve dreamed our entire lives of cruising and we are so grateful to God for this opportunity.
We are also completely exhausted!
Our lists are shrinking as our credit card balances are growing!
Dwight is installing our 5th of 7 Bora 12 V fans right now. He will intersperse them with our new LED lighting. It looks very complicated to me, but he’s as happy as can be! I just finished making bungies for all compartments that needed them. He thought it looked complicated. I was as happy as I could be! We still have rigging work, a haul out, solar, and a salt water pump to install, among other things.
“Just go!” They said. Right!”

This, my friends, is how you retire in style.

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  1. Two of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!
    They deserve this world adventure and have worked very hard to make it happen.
    Dwight even gave up the opportunity of being my manager to sail the seas! Dwight, you better have fun or I will haunt you!!!

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