Gifts That ’90s Kids Still Want

No need for a time machine, we can get all of those awesome items from our childhood in one beautiful place: Amazon. Whether you’re buying the white elephant gift that everyone will be fighting over, or just taking a trip down memory lane, this is the place to be for all of those nostalgic items that we wish we still owned!

’90s Clothing Items

You don’t need a ’90s party to rock some throwback items! The fashion in the ’90s was sublime. Doc Martens, overalls, neon windbreakers, and so much plaid.

Nickelodeon T-Shirt, $11.00

Sandlot T-Shirt, $17.99

Steve Madden Platforms, $39.99

Classic DARE T-Shirt, $14.99

Puka Shell Necklace, $15.95

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Spice Girls Sweatshirt, $46.97

KangaROOS Sneakers, $76.18

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’90s Beauty Products

Glitter roll-on products: the original contouring. It was so disappointing to find out that you can no longer purchase Bath and Body Works Art Stuff items online. Fortunately, it looks like Lip Smackers will be around for centuries to come. Dr. Pepper chap-stick, anyone?

ck one Unisex Fragrance, $61.00

Lip Smacker Forever 1990s Cosmic Collection, $14.99

’90s Toys

I recently heard that Toys-R-Us stores are struggling because kids aren’t buying toys anymore. Instead, they’re focused on their iPads, iPhones, and video games. Growing up in the ’90s was the best; we had some really incredible toys.

Lisa Frank Coloring Book and Stickers Set, $15.99

100 Gel Pens, $15.99

Blo Pens, $24.77

Socker Boppers, $5.99

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Teck Deck and Skate Park, $36.99

’90s Candy

Mmm…artificial flavors. Those were the good ol’ days. Now, parents are so concerned about what their children eat that they hardly get to enjoy the realllly sugary stuff. I get it, but man, I sure am glad I grew up in the ’90s.

17 Packs of Fruit Stripe Gum, $23.99

20 Pack Baby Bottle Pop, $19.64

Wonderball, $5.90

’90s Household Items

Call me crazy, but I still believe that blow up furniture is a good idea. Too many guests and not enough chairs? No problem! Just blow up a chair!

Blow Up Chair, $15.04

Glow Stars, $9.89

Clueless Mug, $10.00

Classic Lava Lamp, $53.50

’90s Duvet Cover, $119.99



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