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Most Romantic Places To Pop The Question In Denver

So you’re looking for the perfect place to propose…. Let me be the first to say, congratulations! 

This is a big moment for both of you, and you want to be sure it goes off without a hitch. Well, now that you’ve got your person (and hopefully a ring), you need to put together a plan. The more planned out this is, the better it’ll go.

While planning, keep a few things in mind: Will your significant other want friends/family there to witness the moment? Will they want a secret photographer/videographer to capture the moment? Might they want to look their best? Will they wish they had their nails done beforehand? Would they enjoy a public proposal, or would they rather a quiet proposal with just the two of you?

If you are looking for help planning your big moment in photos, shoot me a message via my contact page. I’m happy to offer tips and personalized recommendations for a Denver proposal.

Sports themed

Sports Authority engagement
Photo courtesy of Sports Authority Field at Mile High

First, do not propose at a sports arena if your significant other is not into sports. Let me explain this again, if you’re significant other is not a die-hard sports fan, do not propose at a sports arena. This may seem like your dream proposal, but it may not be theirs. If you have a true sports fan on your hands, Sports Authority Field at Mile High or Coors Field are excellent options. You can schedule a personal tour of the stadium, go on a group tour of the stadium, or, attend a game and pay for a banner to appear on the big screen. To book a tour of Sports Authority Field, and get engaged on the field track, in the locker room, or concourse overlooking the city (3 out of several options) call (720) 258-3000.


15259206_10157883341235338_7359059088188259752_oOutdoorsy people are bound to love an adventurous proposal. However, it is important to consider if this outdoorsy person will mind being proposed to in athletic clothing. Many people want to look their best during this monumental occasion. A couple of options for an adventurous proposal include kayaking at Chatfield Reservoir (keep that ring secure, just in case you tip over), Telluride’s Gondola, your favorite hike, Georgetown Loop Railroad or Red Rocks. Another cool idea would be at one of Colorado’s hot springs (Read about my experience at Pagosa Springs and Strawberry Park Hot Springs), but again, you need a solid plan for where to safely store the ring.

A view of the city

If you’re looking for a stunning view of the skyline behind you as you pop the question, consider one of the following: Ale House at Amatos, Avanti, Linger, Peaks Lounge at Hyatt Regency. Ale House at Amatos and Peaks Lounge at Hyatt Regency may be the more romantic options. Avanti and Linger, will be a little more casual, but will offer a fun, young vibe that would result in an uproar of applause after a public proposal.


Where to propose in Denver
Photo courtesy of Daniels and Fisher Clock Tower.

If your significant other would cringe at the thought of a public proposal, make it quiet and romantic. A ride on a horse-drawn carriage on 16th Street Mall in Denver is a great option. You could pop the question quietly, then ask the driver to snap a photo of you. An even more romantic option is a private tour at the Daniels and Fisher Clock Tower. This comes with a rose petal trail, a romantic table for 2 with candles and champagne, and music of your choice. Contact Holly at (720) 481-7832 for more details.

Clock Tower proposal Denver
Photo courtesy of Daniels and Fisher Clock Tower

Young at heart

Downtown Aquarium
Photo courtesy of Downtown Aquarium

Does your significant other love going to the aquarium or zoo? The Dive Lounge at the Downtown Aquarium features large fish tanks and underwater décor that photographs beautifully. The Denver Zoo, while equally as festive, may take some thought as the animals and their enclosures won’t photograph quite as beautifully. However, if you have a true animal lover on your hands, they may care less about the photos and more about being surrounded by animals during their big moment.


Untitled design (22)A popular time to pop the question is during the holidays when everything feels a little more magical. This past Christmas Eve, my friends got engaged at Denver Botanic Gardens, Blossoms of Light. It was so romantic! It was also a very chilly night, and we all wished we would’ve bundled up more. It’s also important to have a good low light camera if you plan on taking photos of people in the dark with Christmas lights. Another romantic winter proposal idea is ice skating in downtown Denver.

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Music lovers

Howl at the Moon rental space, special events
Photo courtesy of Howl at the Moon

One of the best things about a proposal is that almost anyone will go out of their way to help you with your plan. Is your significant other’s favorite band coming to town? Why not hit them up in a message on social media and ask if you can propose on stage between sets? Or, better yet, right before your significant other’s favorite song! Another less complicated option for music lovers is a trip to Howl at the Moon. Request your song of choice to the live band, write a note that says, “I will propose in the middle of the dance floor at the end of this song,” and wait for your moment to arrive. It’s a good idea to give Howl at the Moon a heads up before you arrive, they may have ideas of how to make your evening even more romantic.

With a bottle of wine

Untitled design (32)If your significant other loves to celebrate with a bottle of good wine, make their night memorable at Balistreri Vineyards, Denver’s best winery. Not only is the scene incredibly romantic, but people normally dress up a little more for wine tasting, so they’re sure to be looking their best. Once you’ve decided on your favorite taster, buy a bottle and open it to split, then, while offering a toast, get down on one knee. This bottle will forever be your “proposal wine.” How romantic!



Looking for more options or something a little more specific to your style? Feel free to contact me. I’m sure we can come up with a perfect plan!


Thanks for reading,


Most romantic places to propose in Denver

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