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For Christmas, my husband surprised me with an AncestryDNA kit! This summer, we are exploring Europe for 36 days and we wanted to know our ancestry to make our voyage all the more exciting.

Growing up, I was told my ancestors were from the Netherlands, Germany, Czechoslovakia and possibly Poland. There was some debate whether we had ancestors from Spain because I have a very Spanish maiden name. My AncestryDNA results told me otherwise, and the results have stirred up some talk whether or not I was switched at birth. (Not likely.) So how accurate is AncestryDNA?

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About AncestryDNA

Accuracy of AncestryDNAAncestryDNA is a DNA testing service that uses state-of-the-art equipment to tell you your family history. It maps ethnicity back multiple generations and provides you with information regarding what regions your ancestors came from and links to possible unknown relatives. I can attest to the relatives portion – my aunt, who has a different last name than me, came up in my “possible relatives” section. So did about two-dozen strangers across the globe. I look forward to reaching out to a few of them.

Taking the Test

Taking the AncestryDNA spit testI was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the test. The AncestryDNA kit includes instructions, a saliva collection tube and a prepaid shipping box. We were instructed not to eat or drink for 30 minutes before spitting into the tube, then it just took a couple of spits to fill er’ up. A tiny container of blue liquid was included to mix with our spit. We shook the tube and shipped it off to be tested. The results were in our email inbox within a month, but they ask you to give them 6-8 weeks.


Our Results

Copy of Great Britain 54%My husband and I both took the test and were amazed by our results! 54% Great Britain?! That was the most shocking! Only 5% Dutch (Europe West)? My family says that must be inaccurate. I’m looking forward to hearing what people abroad peg me as. When my sister visited Europe, locals assumed she was Dutch or Czech. What would you have assumed I am based on my facial features?

Great Britain 54% (1)My husband was pretty shocked by his results as well. The results even included a few more low confidence regions in our results, my husbands were 4% Europe South, 2% Scandinavia, 1% Europe East and 1% Finland/Northwest Russia. We always assumed my husband was very German, it looks like we were correct!

Final Thoughts

I appreciated the simplicity of the test and loved getting my results within a month. I was surprised by how simple it all seemed! However, at $79.00 a test (a discounted price), I expected more from my results. I received a list of several regions, some included specific countries, but mostly it was very vague. Unfortunately I assumed that science was further along than this and I would have a pinpointed area where my ancestors lived as well as relatives in those areas that I could look up. I should have done more research beforehand, because AncestryDNA does not promise exact results.

Would you consider getting an AncestryDNA test? What have you been told about your ethnicity that you would like to explore further?

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