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Growing up in Chelmsford, MA

I met Emerald my freshman year of high school. She was new to Colorado, having just moved from Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Emerald lived in Massachusetts for 14 years, and still visits the area at least once a year. Here are a few of Emerald’s favorite hometown spots, and memories she has of the area she called home.

 Where did you grow up?

I was born in Newburyport but eventually moved to Chelmsford for half of elementary and all of middle school.

How does Chelmsford differ from the Denver Metro area?

The people! They are so different from the sweet people in Colorado. “Masshole” is a real thing. But that’s something I enjoy about the area, it’s refreshing to be around very honest people.

What’s the climate like in Chelmsford? 

It’s definitely more humid and the winters are terrible! I remember one REALLY bad winter when I was younger. The snow was insane, but then again, I feel like that’s every winter out east. I would move back in a heart beat if it wasn’t for the winters.

Would you say the state has a lot of sports fanatics? 

YES. Everyone is very dedicated to our teams. The Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, all of them! Even if you don’t follow the sport, they are still your team. Complete fanatics. Just based of off myself, when it comes to football, I don’t mess around. The Pats are my team and I’m pretty sure everyone knows it. Insider tip: Get your sports gear at Walmart. It’s way cheaper than sporting goods stores.

Are there any fun, local bars?

There’s a boardwalk in Salisbury with a bunch of dive bars. My favorite restaurant along the boardwalk is Tripoli’s Pizza. I have to go at least once when I visit. Also, this place called Kume Steakhouse in Seabrook, NH is really awesome for drinks and food.

What are some weekend getaways or day trips nearby?

I don’t go to Boston often when I’m in Massachusetts because it’s so busy down there! When we do, we tend to go to the aquarium which is amazing. I love it. Last visit, we attended a zoo in New Hampshire and my son Owen loved it. I love Salem, MA, too, because of the witch hunt attractions from back in the day. They are all so interesting.

What was your favorite restaurant?

The Park Lunch, it’s a spot only the locals visit in Newburyport. If you only have time to visit one restaurant, go to The Park Lunch! My go-to order would have to be their clam chowder OR their clam strips. To DIE for. It’s hard to find good clam chowder in Colorado so it’s one of the first places I love to go to when I am out there. In Chelmsford, there’s a great ice cream place called Sully’s. I haven’t been there in a while but they had GREAT black raspberry ice cream. If I can’t go there, another place I tend to go to at least once is Friendly’s! Their ice cream is great too. I have great memories there because my mom would love to get the ice cream with us kids.

What was your favorite season in Chelmsford? 

Summer! The ocean is right there. That’s what I miss the most…the ocean and the people.

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