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Music is an important part of travel. Studies show that music can transport us to another place and time, and even improve our memory of events that have taken place while we were listening to a certain song.

Many songs on my phone are associated with specific memories. For example, my sister and I went on a road trip after I graduated from high school. We must’ve listened to Crack the Shudders by Snow Patrol 50 times and I still can’t listen to that song without thinking about all the fun we had. Weird song to associate to my sister and Seattle, but nevertheless, I’m glad I have those memories.

Imagine listening to a song on your iPhone playlist several years from now and being transported back to a moment on your vacation. Wouldn’t that brighten your day?

Airplane music

Here are a couple of my go-to airplane songs. You know, the ones that are perfect for looking out the window, day-dreaming about the destination, all while pretending that you’re the lead character in a movie about traveling. Plus, they help me get over my fear of turbulence.

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Music for travel, airplane playlist

Adventure music

Breathtaking scenery, surreal landscapes, dreamlike tunes. When I reach the final destination, I play my favorite song LOUD. I may or may not add a little twirling, depending on the audience.

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Music for adventure, playlist for hiking

Unwind music

Whether you’re in the middle of a small foreign town or finishing up your day on the hostel patio, you need a soundtrack to unwind and appreciate all that is around you. This isn’t pump-up music, this is peaceful, serene music that makes you appreciate the journey all the more.

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Music for relaxing, playlist for winding down

What songs are on your travel playlist? Is there a song that still reminds you of a trip because you couldn’t help but play it on repeat? Share your story below.

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